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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Christmas 2014, Hyderabad, Konaseema, Puri, Bhubaneswar

The plan in Christmas vacations of 2014 was to visit Odisha specifically Puri and Bhubaneswar. We also decided to join All India Meet 2014 organized by HV Kumar & group. Following was the itinerary that was finally designed.

The total drive was of 3910 kilometres with a total drive time of 71.14 hours. Total about 430 litres of Diesel was used up in the trip. Total amount spent in tolls was Rs. 3045/-.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Christmas 2014 Day 4 of 11, HVK AIM 2014 Boating and Convoy

This was the day to be spent with fellow HVKians. The day started with a good breakfast in the resort.
7:30 AM The next on the plan is boating in Godavari Delta. Following is the maps of our boat ride. We went around the river and docked at a small island.

We spent some time in the island and utilised the photo opportunities that were presented to us. There is serious amount of sand mining going on near our embarkation point. There are tens of tractors which continuously load sand which is brought from the river on the shore.

Me on the boat

Happy people on the island

Island coast line

One of the other boats

Back to the resort
10:05 AM We start back to the resort.
10:40 AM We are back at the resort. The plan is to get ready, have lunch and then it is time for the Convoy drive.
12:45 PM We are in our cars and at our place in the Convoy. Following is the map that we followed for the convoy drive.

Driving in a convoy is more complicated than what it looks like. It is extremely important for each car to pay attention to car ahead and behind us. Needless to say that we get lost few times and eventually regroup and  are on track to our destination. It is an interesting experience driving lost through villages where you have never been and don't understand language. Google maps was useless because roads here are not mapped at all.
2:50 PM We reach at the final destination in our convoy drive. The destination is Perupalem Beach. The place is very interesting. The beach has pretty much no people except us and comparatively clean.  Following is the complete timelapse video of the convoy drive.

5:20 PM We start back to our resort. This time we don't make any mistake except bothering some people who were not able to overtake us because of a really long convoy. Here is a brand new Honda City that just got bored of driving behind the convoy and then overtook the whole convoy in one dangerous and agressive move.

7:10 PM We are back in resort. Time to dinner and bid goodbye to fellow roadies.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Christmas 2014 Day 3 of 11, HVK AIM 2014

We had planned on joining All India Meet organised by HVK forum which was held in Konaseema. So our target was to reach the venue of the meet by end of the day. We started our drive by 10:15 AM.
Tea Point just before Suryapet
The plan was to continue on NH 5 till Peravali and then turn into Canal Road which will eventually take us to the resort. Since we started late, it took us quite a bit of time to cross the city. We were out of the city by 11:30 AM.
12:05 PM Cross Narketpalli.
12:30 PM Took at small break for tea at a road side restaurant. Don't know about the quality of the food in the place but the tea stall outside was making pretty killer tea. The toilets also were not very bad.
12:55 PM Crossed Suryapet
2:00 PM Crossed Nandigama
2:20 PM Crossed Ibrahimpatanam
The roads are very good in this segment of NH5 and not very crowded either. One can make good time on these roads.

2:30 PM Entered Vijaywada. We were already suggested that we should take the bypass road, we took the bypass and were on the other end of the town by 2:50PM.
2:55 PM We stopped at The Kay Hotel for a delayed Lunch. Here is my review of the hotel.
The Kay Hotel
3:50 PM Done with the lunch and started the onward journey.
4:30 PM Crossed Hanuman Junction
4:55 PM Crossed Elluru town
5:45 PM Crossed Tanuku town and toll. There is a Rs. 80 toll here and for people going to Konaseems they have to travel only another 10 kilometers. It is kind of a bad deal if you are going to come back from Konaseema. For us it was ok, since we were to continue to Odisha and we did not have to pay the toll on the road segment further on.

5:55 PM We took an extreme left turn to leave NH 5 and take the Canal Road that takes us to our destination. There is a Hanuman statue and the turn is just before that statue.

6:13 PM We were told that there are very limited petrol stations on this route so we decided to top up the vehicle. We stopped at the petrol station. Once you are out of major cities, all transactions are cash only.

6:20 PM We cross Penugonda
6:45 PM Just before Palakollu we found the road that we were traveling on was marked oneway in opposite direction. We took a left turn that is kind of a bypass for palakollu town. Another couple of kilometers on that road and we were clear of the town.
We continue on what is called Palakollu Dodipatla road
7:05 PM We turn from the main road into small lane that takes us to resort. This is a very small road and just now converted to concrete so one can not even turn into shoulder to let vehicles cross. One has to be very careful to not commit vehicle on the road unless it is clear.

7:30 PM We reach Yalamchilli Lanka where Palavelli Boutique resort is located. Here is my review of the resort.
Finally after a long drive, we are home for the day. We meet the crowd that has arrived for the meet, have a dinner and retire for the day.