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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Summer 2017 -- Back to the nature

The summer vacation was upon us and this year, nature seems to be calling. We made a plan to drive to Madhya Pradesh and visit national parks.

The drive was spread over three weeks with approximately one week stop to take care of some things.
The trip lasted 22 days with 12 days of active driving days. Total distance covered was 6402 kilometer with approximately 650 liters of diesel consumed. The tolls paid during the travel were approximately Rs. 3500/-. FastTag was accepted in most tolls with significant haggling and it saved no time. Most places FasTag took longer than regular queue.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Day 8 -- Bandhavgarh National Park to Jabalpur

10:00 AM We checked out of the places and started towards Jabalpur.

Surprising there is nothing on the way from Bandhavgarh to Jabalpur.
1:20 PM We reached Hotel Satya Ashoka. Here is my review of the place.
If you are driving and want to go to Bheda Ghat. Search for "Bheda Ghat", not for "Bhedaghat". The second one will take you to New Bhedaghat and that will require you to take a cable car to reach the boating area.
We left for Bhedaghat at 3:45 PM and landed up at New Bhedaghat. The cable car was non-functional, so we turned around, came back all the way to the town and went back to old Bheda Ghat.
Boating in the river is always a pleasant activity and when there are marble rocks around you, it is almost divine.

Finally we were back to hotel around 9:15 PM.

Day 7 -- Bandhavgarh National Park

We had booked morning safari for the day. This was in Tala zone, and we left the place at 5:30 AM.

The Sheshshaiya is believed to have been built by Gollak, the minister of the Kalchuri King, Yuvrajdev, in the 10th century AD. This 25-feet long sculpture has been carved out of a single sandstone rock.  The stream originating from the feet of Lord Visnu's statue is known as Charanganga. It literally means the Ganga arising from the feet. In old scriptures, the Charanganga is a perennial stream and, by joining other streams and rivers, forms the lifeline of Bandhavgarh's wildlife, also supplying water to the tourist complex at Tala and to villages downstream.

11:00 AM We reached back the resort. We were really bored with the food at the resort, so we decided to explore something in the town. We landed up at this place called "Her Cafe". Here is my review of the place.