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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Summer 2019

It is the month of April again and summer vacations have started. Along with the whole nation is about to undergo general elections.  Being on the road during elections is a difficult proposition in India. There is additional checking and you have to be prepared to be stopped and the whole vehicle checked at any point on the road. In order to minimize the inconvenience to ourselves, we decided to restrict our travel plans to areas which have already undergone voting or areas where voting was scheduled much later. We could not completely accomplish this, but we gave it a try.

The primary tourist places to be covered were Panna, Chitrakoot, and Khajuraho. As a bonus, I also visited the National Museum in Delhi which was a delight. Here is the itinerary that I followed.

  1. Bengaluru to Hyderabad (18-April)
  2. Hyderabad to Bhopal (19-April)
  3. Bhopal (20-April)
  4. Bhopal (21-April)
  5. Bhopal to Panna (22-April)
  6. Panna National Park (23-April)
  7. Panna to Khajuraho via Chitrakoot (24-April)
  8. Khajuraho (25-April)
  9. Khajuraho to Noida (26-April)
  10. Noida (27-April)
  11. The National Museum (28-April)
  12. Noida (29-April)
  13. Noida to Bhopal (30-April)
  14. Bhopal (01-May)
  15. Bhopal (02-May)
  16. Crescent Water Park (03-May)
  17. Bhopal to Hyderabad (04-May)
  18. Hyderabad to Bengaluru (05-May)
The trip was total of 5321 kilometers, consumed more than 500 liters of diesel. The total toll paid through FasTag was Rs. 3290. There were few instances of toll payment through cash since the machine was not working. We can assume that the total toll payment was closer to Rs. 4000/-.

Hyderabad to Bengaluru

Left the hotel after breakfast at 11:50 AM.
2:30 PM Saw the new hotel Hangout just after Kurnool. Went inside looking for food. The place was jampacked with vehicles. We saw no hope of food or table at a reasonable time and decided to leave.
3:35 PM Stopped at Cafe Coffee Day in Ramarajupalle.
4:40 PM Crossed Ananthpur
6:57 PM Reached the McDonald's near Bengaluru Airport.
9:00 PM Reached home.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Summer 2018

It's summer vacation time again and time for another road trip. This year the plan was to visit Amritsar, Dalhousie, Dharamshala, and Shimla.

Following was the itinerary that was decided for this trip.
  1. 07-April-2018 Day 1 -- Bengaluru to Nagpur
  2. 08-April-2018 Day 2 -- Nagpur to Noida
  3. 09-April-2018 Day 3 -- Break in Noida, mostly rest day
  4. 10-April-2018 Day 4 -- Noida to Amritsar and Amritsar Local sightseeing
  5. 11-April-2018 Day 5 -- Amritsar Local and Wagah Border
  6. 12-April-2018 Day 6 -- Amritsar to Dalhousie
  7. 13-April-2018 Day 7 -- Dalhousie Local
  8. 14-April-2018 Day 8 -- Dalhousie Local and Khajjiar
  9. 15-April-2018 Day 9 -- Dalhousie to Mcleod Ganj
  10. 16-April-2018 Day 10 -- Mcleod Ganj and Dharamshala Local
  11. 17-April-2018 Day 11 -- Mcleod Ganj to Shimla and The Mall
  12. 18-April-2018 Day 12 -- Shimla Local
  13. 19-April-2018 Day 13 -- Shimla to Noida
  14. 20-April-2018 Day 14 -- Noida to Mitaoli, Padavali, Bateswar and Gwalior
  15. 21-April-2018 Day 15 -- Gwalior to Bhopal
  16. 22-April-2018 to 27-April-2018 due to some personal work to be taken care off, the drive was suspended in Bhopal for a week.
  17. 28-April-2018 Day 22 -- Bhopal to Nagpur
  18. 29-April-2018 Day 23 -- Nagpur to Bengaluru
The was a trip that I enjoyed a lot. We saw places that were very different than each other and offered something interesting to view.

During the trip, we drove a distance of 6065 kilometers in approximately 107 hours. Approximately 610 liters of diesel was used up. Approximate toll amounts were more than Rs. 4000/-. 

Summer 2018 -- Day 23

05:35 AM We left the hotel.

06:54 AM Stopped at Wadki for a cup of tea.
10:25 AM Stopped at Divya Resort and Restaurant for brunch.
1:32 PM Stopped at M Food Court for a small break.
2:15 PM Stopped at Cafe Coffee Day at Sankalamaddi in Stop N Go Food court for lunch.
5:10 PM Stopped at Hotel Blue Moon Highway food court for break.
9:45 PM Arrived in Bengaluru.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Summer 2018 -- Day 1


06:00 AM We left our home towards Airport road.
The destination for the day was Nagpur. The road was empty and with white topping work on ORR over, it was hassle free drive towards Airport. Over the last few years, we have found Le Meridien in Nagpur as a good place for a night stopover.
07:00 AM We stopped at Mc Donalds near Bengaluru Airport for a brunch. The place had just opened and it took longer than what I had expected to get the food and coffee.
09:40 AM Crossed Ananthpur. Took my customary photograph of Iskcon in Ananthpur.
10:15 AM Stopped at the Cafe Coffee Day in Ramrajupalle just after the toll. It is a good place for a break. There is a petrol bunk nearby as well.

We continued onwards with our journey.
12:38 PM We stopped at the Stop N Go Food Plaza for another break. This place also has a Cafe Coffee Day.

Two cafe coffee days even have an identical design of fixtures.
2:00 PM Entered the Nehru ORR in Hyderabad.
2:45 PM Exited ORR towards Nagpur

3:24 PM We stopped at another cafe coffee day in Nagulapally.
05:05 PM Crossed Nizamabad
05:40 PM Crossed Nirmal
06:30 PM Crossed Adilabad
08:00 PM Crossed Hinghanghat
08:50 PM Crossed Butibori
09:20 PM Reached hotel.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Quick Trip to IIM Indore

I had to visit IIM Indore in relation to my thesis finalization and I did not make any flight bookings until the last minute. So I decided to drive to the place.
05:55 AM Started from home, took the outer ring road towards Hebbal.
9:15 AM Crossed Anantpur.

11:20AM Stopped at the new food court little after Kurnool. It is called Stop 'n Go Travel Plaza. It has a restaurant, Cafe Coffee Day and some other restaurants.

12:45 PM Entered Hyderabad Outer Ring Road.

2:00 PM Reached Cafe Coffee Day at Nagulapally just outside the Hyderabad towards Nagpur.
8:23 PM Reached Hotel Le Meredien, Nagpur.

08:15AM Checked out from the hotel and started towards Bhopal.
09:08 AM Stopped by Maharashtra Traffic Police near Savner. They asked for all the documents, I had all the documents in the physical copy but the insurance copy was removed by the service center last time around. I only had the soft copy. This place has pretty much zero network. It took almost 20 minutes of time to download the soft copy of insurance and show it to the cop and then he let me go.

10:30 AM Crossed Multai
11:00 AM Crossed Betul and into the bad roads.
The condition of forest roads from Betul to Itarsi is in a much-improved condition. Even though it is a two-laned road but the surface is pretty good.

2:00 PM Reached Bhopal.

07:15 AM Started from Home towards Indore.
08:40 AM Stopped at Cafe Coffee Day in Pappu and Pappu Ka Dhaba.
10:30 AM Checked into Sayaji Hotel. Here is my review of the hotel.
2:00 PM Went to Indian Institute of Management Indore.

4:45 PM Reached back to Hotel. Met some friends in the evening and decided to leave back to Bangalore the next day.
7:40 AM Left the hotel after breakfast.
10:15 AM Reached Bhopal. Had to meet a friend.
12:30 PM Reached home in Bhopal. Had lunch.
1:22 PM Left home towards Nagpur. The plan was to reach Nagpur and spend the night there.
4:40 PM Stopped at Hotel Meghna very close to Betul. This is one decent place on this circuit if one wants to have bio break.
7:47 PM Reached Nagpur, checked-into Le Meridien Hotel. It is kind of difficult to cross the Nagpur city nowadays because of multiple metro and flyover construction.
05:10 AM Checked out of the hotel and left.
6:35 AM Stopped for chai at a small shop in Wadki.
9:54 AM Stopped at Divya Hotel and Restaurant in Jangampally. It is a decent place on this stretch right on highway if you don't want to venture into towns apart from few dhabas on this stretch of national highway. So if you need to use restrooms etc this is the best place to stop.

11:20 AM Entered Hyderabad outer ring road.
12:00 PM Exited Hyderabad outer ring road towards Bengaluru
12:52 PM Crossed Mahboob Nagar
2:07PM Crossed Kurnool
3:32 PM Entered Anantpur

3:40 PM Stopped at this nice little place called Hyway Lounge just on the edges of Anantpur town towards Bengaluru. The place was good but service was quite slow.

6:15 PM Reached Devanhalli Toll. The FasTag lane was blocked by a guard. He did not let me go through. I was charged twice, onec by FasTag system and next time by the toll operator.
It took a total of 12 minutes to get out of this toll. Bengaluru ORR is being redone and because of that coming from Airport towards K  R Puram is just an experience from hell. Hopefully all this pain would be worth something in future.

It took almost 2 hours to reach from Airport to Near about HSR.

Friday, 8 December 2017

The Resurrection

Our car broke down while returning from Pangong Tso. It was an extremely frustrating experience when the machine gives up on you even though you have taken good care of it.
BMW Road Side Assistance asked to leave the car and leave the key with somebody from whom they can take it. We did that. The car was finally picked up on 27-September-2017 at 5:40 PM and dropped off at the service station in Chandigarh on 29-September-2017 around 9PM.
The initial diagnostics suggested multiple unrelated parts failed at the same time. It was puzzling but true.
Finally after a month, I landed up in Chandigarh to pick the car. It was fixed and ready to go.,
12:20 PM Got the delivery of vehicle after repairs and straightaway started back to Bangalore. The plan was to drive as long as possible and take a break for the night.
3:20 PM Stopped at Haldirams for a late lunch. Continued onwards after a half an hour break.
5:45 PM Entered Yamuna Expressway.

6:56 Arrived at the rest stop midway on Yamuna Expressway. Had a coffee break for around 45 minutes and then continued towards Agra.
Hotel Mansingh Lobby
8:48 PM Reached Hotel Mansingh in Agra. Decided to stop here for the night. Here is my review of the place.

5:10 AM Started from the hotel. 
Cattle on highways in North India has become an extremely dangerous issue. See the above video. One has to very careful in driving.
7:10 AM Crossed Gwalior
8:15 AM Crossed Datia
9:05 AM Crossed Jhansi
10:20 AM Crossed Lalitpur
11:20 AM Stopped at Hotel Deepali in Sagar for a Breakfast.
3:35 PM Stopped at MPTDC Motel at Rookhad. It is a nice place for a small break and food.

6:36 PM Reached Le Meridien in Nagpur which was the pitstop for the night.

4:50 AM Left the hotel. As the luck would have it, was stuck at Hinghanghat Railway crossing for 10 minutes.
8:28 AM Stopped at Singh is King Dhaba just before Nirmal. Unfortunately, the food was disappointing this time around.
12:20 PM Stopped at Cafe Coffee Day near Mahboobnagar.
3:25 PM Stopped at Bluemoon Foodcourt near Anantpur
6:30 PM Crossed Hebbal Flyover and got on to Outer Ring Road.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Ladakh 2017

Finally all the pieces fell into place, Dussera was earlier this year so it was possible to drive to Ladakh during Dussera school vacations. Still cramming the itinerary was becoming difficult, so we decided that I would start driving earlier and the family will fly directly when the school vacations start. Following was the decided route plan.

Following was the day wise itinerary decided.

  1. 15-September-2017 Day 1 -- Bengaluru to Nagpur
  2. 16-September-2017 Day 2 -- Nagpur to Agra
  3. 17-September-2017 Day 3 -- Agra to Ludhiana
  4. 18-September-2017 Day 4 -- Ludhiana to Jammu
  5. 19-September-2017 Day 5 -- Jammu to Katra
  6. 20-September-2017 Day 6 -- Katra to Srinagar
  7. 21-September-2017 Day 7 -- Srinagar to Kargil
  8. 22-September-2017 Day 8 -- Kargil to Leh
  9. 23-September-2017 Day 9 -- Leh acclimatization and local sightseeing
  10. 24-September-2017 Day 10 -- Leh to Turtuk
  11. 25-September-2017 Day 11 -- Turtuk to Pangong Tso
  12. 26-September-2017 Day 12 -- Pangong Tso Manali, Car breakdown, back to Leh
  13. 27-September-2017 Day 13 -- Leh Local
  14. 28-September-2017 Day 14 -- Fly back to Bengaluru
  15. 28-October-2017 - The Resurrection
The trip was an interesting trip. Unfortunately it had to be cut short due to vehicle failure. After more diagnosis it seems like BMW technician in Ludhiana ignore a error code related to Diesel Particulate Filter. He told me that there is an error code but nothing to worry about. That resulted in exhaust being completed clogged and finally catastrophic failure. Goes to show the fragility of technology in modern cars.
We completed approximately 5000 kilometers of total 7800 kilometers planned, we completed all the tourist attractions that we intended to visit. The return journey had to be abandoned and we had to fly back.
As we speak the car is still being repaired since some parts had to be imported from Germany.

Day 1 -- Bengaluru to Nagpur

Today was the first day of the drive which I was planning for a long time. The original plan was to leave at 4 AM, but since I got late in going to bed, I decided to leave little late.
6:30 AM Left home.
8:07 AM Stopped at Kamat Upachar near Chikkaballapur. This place is really losing its quality very quickly and many better places seem to have come up enroute.
9:50 AM Crossed Anantpur. I always take this picutre of ISCKON when I cross Anantpur. The place seems to have got a fresh coat of paint.

12:40 PM Stopped at Bharathi 97 Food and Fuel for fuel top up and a chai.
2:00 PM Entered the hyderabad ORR, realized that the speed limit has been reduced from 120 kph to 100 kph.
3:05 PM Reached Coffee Day at Nagulapally. This has become one of my favorite places to stop on this route.

4:45 PM Crossed Nizamabad
5:30 PM Crossed Nirmal
6:15 PM Crossed Adilabad
6:55 PM Crossed Pandharkawada
7:30 PM Crossed Wadki
The road work on this secton of road seems to be progressing at a snail's place. There hasn't been any significant improvement compared to summer time when I last drove through this route. The road has become much worse because of potholes due to rain.
8:15 PM Crossed Hinghanghat.
9:00 PM Crossed Buti Bori
9:20 PM Reached Le Meridien Nagpur. This is one of my favorite places to stay in Nagpur because of its proximity to highway.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Day 14 -- Fly back to Bengaluru

Leh airport is tricky, there are too many security checks and it is a very small airport compared to the crowd that it sees. The best approach is to reach very early.
We had an 11:20 AM flight, we reached the airport at 9:30 AM. You have to start undergoing security checks before you enter the main gate.
The flight took off in time, we reached Delhi at 12:50 PM.
The flight to Bengaluru took off at 2:50 PM and landed at 5:50 PM.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Summer 2017 -- Back to the nature

The summer vacation was upon us and this year, nature seems to be calling. We made a plan to drive to Madhya Pradesh and visit national parks.

The drive was spread over three weeks with approximately one week stop to take care of some things.
The trip lasted 22 days with 12 days of active driving days. Total distance covered was 6402 kilometer with approximately 650 liters of diesel consumed. The tolls paid during the travel were approximately Rs. 3500/-. FastTag was accepted in most tolls with significant haggling and it saved no time. Most places FasTag took longer than regular queue.

Day 22, Bhopal to Bengaluru

04:30 AM Started from Bhopal
5:45 AM Just after Budhni, stopped for breakfast, poha and chai.

7:28 AM Stopped at Hotel Meghna just around Betul for a bio break.
10:17 AM Stopped at Hotel Le Meredien, Nagpur for a brunch. Total one hour break.
12:04 PM Got stuck at Hinghanghat railway crossing for 10 minutes.
1:09 PM Stopped at Hotel Rahul in Pandharkawada, found out that the restaurant is closed because of ban on bars near highway.

2:45 PM Stopped at Singh is King Dhaba for lunch near Nirmal.

5:55 PM Entered Hyderabad Outer Ring Road, exited on Bengaluru road at 6:45 PM.
7:27 PM Stopped at Cafe Coffee Day near Hotel Hill Park food court.

11:14 PM Stopped at Royal Dhaba near Karadikonda.
03:30 AM Reached Home.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Day 1 -- Bengaluru to Nagpur

06:00 AM We were on outer ring road towards Airport. Crossed the airport toll at 6:45 AM.

7:10 AM Stopped at Kamat in Chikkaballapur for the breakfast. It turned into a slightly longer break and we could leave around 7:50 AM.
9:30 AM Crossed Anantpur
9:45 AM Stopped at Bluemoon Highway restaurant.
12:55 PM Stopped at Bharathi 97 Food n Fuel for a small break. This place has a petrol bunk adjacent to it. The toilet facilities here are clean. This was a half an hour break.
2:20 PM Entered the Hyderabad Outer Ring Road, exited ORR at 3:05 PM.
3:25 PM Stopped at the Cafe Coffee Day for a break and some food. We prefer this place just for clean toilets etc. This is also adjacent to a petrol bunk so one can fill up if required.
As one drives towards TS-MH border, facilities dry up. There are no decent restaurant and toilet facilities. So we continued driving.
7:15 PM Stopped at a small Dhaba (Shiva Shakti Garden Family Restaurant) kind of place for some chai. Chai turned into pakora and it became slightly longer break. 40 minutes later we left the place.
10:20 PM We arrived at Le Meridien hotel in Nagpur which was our halt for the night. Here is my one of the earlier reviews of the property.
We had a quick dinner and retired for the day.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Christmas 2016

The plan was to travel to see the remaining places in Rajasthan during Christmas of 2016.

Following itinerary was followed for this trip.

The distance covered was  5476 kilometers. Approximately 3000 rupees of tolls were paid during the journey and approximately 550 liters of diesel was consumed. This was the first trip after the demonetization so the cash expenses had to be kept to a minimum.  All the fuel expenses were done electronically by credit card and most of the toll expenses were done using FasTag. Wherever FasTag was not working, PayTM was used.
I had booked quite a few hotels with Hotels.Com. Couple of those booking were with Hotel LemonTree in Jaipur and in Hyderabad. Both of these hotels called me and wanted me to tell them my credit card over the phone. I refused to give the card because I was not sure who called it. Both the hotels told me that they would cancel my bookings.

Day 10 -- Sagar to Bangalore

The original plan was to drive up to Hyderabad on this day. We started early at around 5:15 AM.
During our last drive, we had taken this route till Nagpur, but the road was pretty bad 100 kilometers around Nagpur. We were advised that it is better to take Narsingpur-Chhindwara route.
7:00 AM We reached Narsingpur. We were told to find breakfast in Narsingpur, but we ignored that advice, at our own peril, thinking that we will find something on the way to Chhindwara. There is practically nothing on this route till Nagpur. Few dhabas that you see on the road don't open before Lunch.
8:25 AM Crossed Chhindwara.
10:00 AM We reached Nagpur. We were hungry, and we straightway drove to this place called The Breakfast Story. Unfortunately, that was an unfortunate decision. We waited there for quite some time, but the place was completely booked.
We finally left that place and reached Le Meridien at around 10:50 AM.
Five-star hotels are not good for doing things quickly. Since we had reached after their regular breakfast hours and before regular lunch hours, they told us they will cook something for us but it took quite some time. We could get out of this place only by 12:20 PM.
1:10 PM Crossed Hinghanghat. Bad roads start, at least some construction work is in progress, so there is hope that this section would improve in near future.
3:00 PM Crossed border, we see good roads again.
3:15 PMWe crossed Adilabad
3:55 PM We reached Singh is King Dhaba just around Nirmal. This has become our favorite place to stop on this section of road. The food is hot and quick.
At the time we also decide to not stop in Hyderabad. Even though we are running late, we decided that since our hotel has anyway canceled our booking and this is new year eve, it is better to continue driving and stop at Bengaluru.
7:15 PM Entered the ORR in Hyderabad and exited at 8:00 PM.
8:40 PM Stopped at Cafe Coffee Day near Mahboobnagar for dinner.
11:10 PM Crossed Kurnool

Just before Gooty, we ushered in the new year.
12:50 AM We crossed Anantpur
1:33 AM We crossed Penukonda
2:30 AM We crossed Chikkaballapur
As we crossed the Airport, we realized that traffic police had closed all the flyovers as a precautionary measure on New year eve. So we had to crawl through till Hebbal.
3:30 AM We reached home.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Day 1 -- Bengaluru to Nagpur


05:05 AM We started from our home towards Airport road on ORR.
Iskcon near Ananthpur
06:25 AM Stopped at Kamat Upachar just after  Chikkaballapur for breakfast.
08:10 AM Crossed Ananthpur.
08:30 AM  Stopped at Bluemoon food court for a break for 15 minutes.
11:05 AM Stopped at 97 food court. Unfortunately the petrol station did not have any fuel so could not fill the car.
12:30 PM Got on to Hyderabad ORR.
1:15 PM Exited ORR and got on to Nagpur road.
1:50 PM Stopped at Cafe Coffee Day at Nagulapally for Lunch.
Even after demonetization, it was extremely challenging to find a petrol station that would accept credit card. had to drive in and out of 4 petrol pumps and then found on that accepted credit card.
3:55 PM Crossed Nizamabad
4:30 PM Crossed Nirmal
5:30 PM Crossed Adilabad
5:45 PM Entered Maharashtra, the road turns bad from here. Now the construction has started so there is some hope that in another year, the road may be in good shape.
7:30 PM Crossed Hinghanghat
8:30 PM Crossed Buti Bori
8:45 PM Reached our hotel, Le Meredien, Nagpur and checked in.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

1857 Trip

I had in my mind to travel to places that were significant during 1857 freedom struggle, rebellion or sepoy mutiny. You can choose the phrase depending on your choice. As part of my background research on the topic which was primarily limited to the internet, following places found mention as significant places during the event.

  1. Barrackpore
  2. Meerut
  3. Jhansi
  4. Gwalior
  5. Lucknow
  6. Kanpur
  7. Delhi
Some of the places are very significant in regards to 1857 rebellion but there is nothing left now to see. For example, places like Kanpur, Meerut have nothing or very little left that points to that event.
Based on availability of time and our understanding of the importance of the places, we decided the itinerary.

Total toll amount paid during the trips was ₹ 4505/-.
Last time around when I traveled, I saw many FasTag lanes operational but this time I saw most of those were barricaded out. In some places when I argued with the security present, they opened the lane but in many places, they told me to do whatever I can.
The deteriorated quality of road had one casualty. One of my tires had a side wall fracture and the last segments of trips were challenging because of that.  It was an interesting trip, would have liked to see more preserved monuments related to 1857 movement but what we saw was priceless.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Day 1 -- Bengaluru to Hyderabad

It was a school day so we decided to start after the school was over.
1:00 PM We started from home and took outer ring road and decided to make a stop for lunch at McDonalds.
2:15 PM Reached McDonalds near Airport. Had a lunch there. Got back on the road after a 30 minutes break.
3:15 PM Crossed Chikkaballapur
3:40 PM Crossed Bagepalli
4:06 PM Crossed Penukonda
4:30 PM Crossed Marur
4:55 PM Crossed Ananthpur
5:20 PM  Stopped at Bluemoon Restaurant just after Pamidi. This has become one of the favorite places to stop for me because the place is clean and just about halfway. Now if only they learn how to make decent tea.
7:35 PM Crossed Kurnool
8:50 PM Crossed Mahboobnagar
10:15 PM Reached hotel in Hyderabad. We had planned on staying in Lemon Tree hotel in HiTec city. Here is my review of the place.
One should remember that if you use google maps from this hotel to navigate towards Nagpur, it will not take you via ORR.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Long weekend in Kabini

This was a long weekend due to school holiday on Friday so we decided to visit Kabini. I had visited this place almost a decade back so it was a right time to do an encore.
We started at 6AM from our home in Bengaluru and were on the way to Kabini. We took the NICE road towards Mysore road.
7:40 AM We reached Kamath Lokaruchi near Ramanagara. We stopped there for an hour for breakfast and then continued for onwards journey. Over the years there has been clear decline in the quality of food at this place. This time around it was the worst. Here is my review of the place.
9:45 AM Got on to Mysore outer ring road and exited it towards the Orange County at 10:00 AM.
The roads become undivided single carriageway once you cross Mysore. The road surface is ok in most places but one suddenly find road segments that have potholes so one has to be always careful.
11:50 AM We reached Orange County resort, the check-in was smooth.
Orange County informed us that there are two types of safaris, the first is a road safari organized by Jungle Lodges and the other is a river safari. We decided to do the road safari first on the same day. We had lunch and relaxed for some time and then we were ready for the safari.
3:30 PM We left for road safari, for this safari we take a boat to reach the other side of Kabini river where Jungle Lodges is located. The vehicles are available there. The safari started at around 4 PM. We went inside the jungle and saw and interesting assortment of animals and birds. Here are some of the pictures from safari.
Giant Squirrel 
Giant Squirrel

Spotted Dear





The road safari we went to goes towards the Nagarhole national park. We were back in the resort by 7:00 PM.
We had opted for the river safari in the morning so we had to get up early and leave. The safari starts by 6:30 AM.
We found river safari more interesting than road safari, primarily because one gets to sample flora and fauna on both sides of the river, one being Bandipur reserve and other Nagarhole national park. Here are some of the sights.


We spend the rest of the day in the resort, it offers many interesting activities, we primarily cycled around the place near the river banks and then called it a night.
We left the resort around 11:30 AM. It was an event less drive and with an hour of stoppage for lunch, we were back home by 5 PM.

The resort, Orange County is great from service and lodging. Only things that really doesn't live up to expectation is the food. Unfortunately at that price, such a sub-par quality of restaurant experience doesn't make sense. Here is my detailed review.