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Monday, 18 January 2016

Christmas 2015: AIM 2015

The plan for christmas 2015 drive was to basically visit our homes in Delhi and Bhopal. We got to know that HVK AIM was also planned in north, we decided to club it with our plan. Once the schedule of AIM was clear, we realized that we have to be in Chandigarh on 24th December, so we had to prepone our original plan.

Here is the day-wise schedule of AIM.

  1. 21-December-2015 Christmas 2015 - Day 1, Bengaluru to Hyderabad.
  2. 22-December-2015 Christmas 2015 - Day 2, Hyderabad to Bhopal 
  3. 23-December-2015 Christmas 2015 - Day 3, Bhopal to Delhi
  4. 24-December-2015 Christmas 2015 - AIM - 2015 Day 4, Delhi to Shoja
  5. 25-December-2015 Christmas 2015 - AIM - 2015 Day 5, Shoja
  6. 26-December-2015 Christmas 2015 - AIM - 2015 Day 6, Shoja to Mandi long drive
  7. 27-December-2015 Christmas 2015 - Day 7, Mandi to Delhi with stopover in Chandigarh
  8. 28-December-2015 & 29-December-2015 Christmas 2015 - Day 8 & 9 Stay at Delhi
  9. 30-December-2015 Christmas 2015 - Day 10, Delhi to Ujjain
  10. 31-December-2015 Christmas 2015 - Day 11, Stay at Ujjain, Reach Bhopal in evening
  11. 01-January-2016 Christmas 2015 - Day 12, Stay at Bhopal
  12. 02-January-2016 Christmas 2015 - Day 13, Bhopal to Bengaluru
That ended the drive, a total 6081 kilometers, 107 hours of driving, Almost 600 litres of diesel, 13 days on the road, temperature difference between +30 to -10 degrees. Finally stopped worrying about the toll amount but must be more than Rs. 2000/- probably closer to Rs. 3000/-.

Christmas 2015 - AIM - 2015 Day 5, Shoja

This day was reserved for checking out places around Sojha. We had a leisurely breakfast and then decided to go to Jalori pass. On asking locals, there were varied opinions. Many told us that the road to pass was closed while some suggested that we can easily go.
Finally we decided to take a chance and drive up to pass. We decided, if it got too tough, we will just come back.
Here is the complete video of drive.

11:15 AM We started towards the Jalori pass.
11:55 AM  We reached the pass. We stayed around the pass for almost one hour and fifteen minutes.
1:10 PMWe started back from the pass
1:50 PM We reached the resort. Here are some of the pictures from the day's visit.