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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Christmas 2013, Rajasthan Road Trip

Christmas 2013, we decided to undertake a road trip from Bangalore to Rajasthan. We had 21-December-2013 to 01-January-2014 at our hand to undertake the trip. Looking at the road conditions and time at hand, we decided following route.

The trip was split up in following fashion.

The trip was total of 5,637 Kms with total of approximately 88 hours of driving involved. Total of approximately 440 liters of diesel was consumed. Total amount of tolls paid was Rs. 4113/-. The details of all the tolls are here.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Christmas 2013, Rajasthan Road Trip, Day #7 of 12 -- Jodhpur to Jaipur

09:45 AM Left the hotel to Jaipur. Since the hotel is on the outskirts of city on Jaipur road itself, we quickly got of town and expected to make quick progress.

The road from Jodhpur to Jaipur is good but there is very heavy military traffic. These are large caravans consisting of many vehicles and makes overtaking difficult. We start on NH-112 towards Jaipur.
10:40 AM We reach a town called Bilara.At this point the road consists of NH-112, RSH-65A and NH-14. The condition turns worse here, there is lots of road construction going on around here for approximately 20 Kms.

11:40 AM We reach a fork in the road where NH-14 and RSH-65A continue in one direction and NH-112 takes other direction. We continue on NH-112. This is the left turn on the road.
12:15 PM We cross Beawar. You don't need to go into Beawar, the national highway completely bypasses the town. The road also is significantly better from here onwards.

12:45 PM We cross Ajmer Bypass. The road condition is really great from here now onwards.

1:05 PM We cross Kishangarh. This is where one clearly observes that the truck density on the roads increases significantly. You can also see occasional trucks driving on the wrong side of the road full speed.
2:15 PM We enter the outskirts of Jaipur. Like any big city, you have to deal with traffic, traffic lights and complete anarchy.

2:45 PM We reach Hotel Ratnawali. My review of the hotel is here.
4:25 PM We had planned on seeing the Amber fort but since we were very late in reaching Jaipur, we decided to just see the light and sound show. We left for Amber fort.
5:10 PM We reached Amber fort. We found one local guide who told us that the Hindi version of light and sound show is only at 7:30 PM and till that time he can show us palace etc. Since the roads to palace are very narrow and it is very crowded, we decide to go with him.
Amber Fort light and sound show is really exceptional. The script is done by Gulzar and voice over is done by Amitabh Bachchan. It is really worth a watch.
View of the fort structure from the road


Fort Wall


When we reached the palace, we found that there was some shooting going on. We were informed by locals that an episode of television series 24 is being shot there.



Plaque describing Palace of Raja Man Singh.

7:30 PM  We went to the Light and Sound Show. There was a huge traffic jam created by the vehicles from the earlier show so we had to wait for some time before we were allowed in. The light and sound show is fantastic. The narrators tell the story of the fort against the backdrop of flood lit fort.

9:40 PM We were back at the hotel and retired for the night.

Christmas 2013, Rajasthan Road Trip, Day #6 of 12 -- Jaisalmer to Jodhpur

The next stop on the drive was Jodhpur. We had a late night and got little late in getting up and starting the day.
9:45 AM Checked out and left the hotel. The plan was to get on to NH-15 which would lead us to Jodhpur. We got out of hotel, took Gadisar Road which eventually turns into NH-15.

Unnamed resort
10:45 AM Crossed Pokharan. NH-15 from here goes towards Bikaner. So to go towards Jodhpur, we take NH-114.
11:10 AM Around 20 Kms. from Pokharan, in a placed called Lawan we found a brand new resort which had not yet opened and asked him if he can give us some tea, he obliged, so we took a short stop there for 10 minutes. I was surprised to find this resort because it was in a middle of nowhere and I could not think of a reason why somebody would come and stay there. Anyway, with our purpose serve, we continued on our journey.
12:50 PM We reached the outskirts of Jodhpur town.
Gateway, Jodhpur Lawns
Since we had booked in Gateway hotel and it was across the town on Jaipur Road, we took approximately another half an hour to reach our hotel.
1:40 PM We reached the Gateway Hotel in Jodhpur and checked in. Here is my review of the hotel.
We rested for a while, got the lunch out of our way and then were ready to visit Mehrangarh Fort.
3:45 PM We left for Mehrangarh Fort.
4:10 PM We were in Mehrangarh Fort after parking the vehicle and buying the tickets.
Here is a video of driving into the Mehrangarh Fort.

Like many of the attractions in India, Mehrangarh Fort provide a very good audio guide and it is worth taking it to understand the stuff in the fort. Unlike Jaisalmer Fort, Mehrangarh is very different. It is much better preserved and things are in much better condition there. It is more like museum compared to Jaisalmer which is more like an ancient city.
Cafe inside the fort



View from down below

View from outside

Decorative windows

Collection of guns

View of the city from top of the fort

Wall decoration

Decoration on top of door


Door knobs, probably

Chest to keep valuables, 

Sword handle

Engravings on wall
Mehrangarh fort at night

View from farthest parking

Hotel Gateway in night
The place starts closing down at 6PM and we were ushered out by 6:30 PM.
7:05 PM We were back in the hotel.