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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Summer 2017 -- Back to the nature

The summer vacation was upon us and this year, nature seems to be calling. We made a plan to drive to Madhya Pradesh and visit national parks.

The drive was spread over three weeks with approximately one week stop to take care of some things.
The trip lasted 22 days with 12 days of active driving days. Total distance covered was 6402 kilometer with approximately 650 liters of diesel consumed. The tolls paid during the travel were approximately Rs. 3500/-. FastTag was accepted in most tolls with significant haggling and it saved no time. Most places FasTag took longer than regular queue.

Day 10 -- Bhopal to Omkareswar, Maheswar, Mahakaleswar and back

The day was dedicated to Lord Siva.
06:30 AM We left Bhopal towards Indore. We decided first to visit Omkareswar and then visit other places.
7:50 AM Stopped at Sol Retreat for a quick chai break.
9:20 AM Turned towards Indore.
12:00 PM Reached Omkareswar, stopped at Narmada Resort for quick lunch.

As we reached Omkareswar, we found that the temple was closed till 2:00 PM, we waited around and then finally got a quick darshan at the jyotirling. Then we decided to directly drive to Maheshwar.
2:30 PM We left for Maheshwar.
3:30 PM We reached Maheshwar. Since we had skipped lunch, we had decided to grab a quick bite at Narmada Retreat there.
Maheswar Fort is really a scenic place, the banks of Narmada, the fort and temples within fort are worth spending few hours there.

6:25 PM We left Maheshwar, started towards Ujjain.
9:30 PM Reached Ujjain. The temple was fortunately not very crowded, we were able to do a quick darshan.

10:50 PM We left Ujjain for Bhopal.
2:00 AM We reached Bhopal.