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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Christmas 2013, Rajasthan Road Trip, Day #12 of 12 -- Return journey continues, Pune to Bangalore

Previous night ushered in the new year. We were ready to continue our drive back to Home.
8:45 AM Checkout after breakfast and started on final let of journey back to Bangalore.

9:50 AM Stopped a the petrol station to fill up.
11:00 AM There is a new complex with cafe coffee day and KFC near Surur. We stopped there for coffee break.

11:15 AM Started our journey back.
11:45 AM Crossed Satara
12:25 PM Crossed Karad
1:15 PM Crossed Kolhapur
New Goa Paradise Dhaba
2:05 PM Stopped at a road side dhaba called "New Goa Paradise". Was really useless place. But the security guard there decided to clean my car properly so we got the car cleaned and had something to eat.
We also saw a new brand of mineral water here called Bilori.

2:31 PM Crossed Nipani
2:45 PM Crossed Sankeshwar
3:21 PM Crossed Belgaum
4:30 PM Crossed the twin cities of Hubli-Dharwad
4:55 PM Stopped at the Kamat just after Hubli-Dharwad. The place was really crowded probably because of the last day of vacations and everybody returning back to Bangalore.

5:35 PM Crossed Haveri
5:50 PM Crossed Ranebennur
6:10 PM Crossed Harihar
6:20 PM Crossed Davangere
7:00 PM Crossed Chitradurga
7:25 PM Crossed Hiriyur
8:05 PM Crossed Sira
8:35 PM Crossed Tumkur
9:25 PM Got on to NICE Road
10:00 PM Got off the NICE Road.
Finally an interesting trip across six states of India spanning over 12 days finishes.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Christmas 2013, Rajasthan Road Trip, Day #1 of 12 -- Bangalore to Pune

05:30 AM Started from home, 06:25 AM got on to NICE road towards Tumkur Road.
07:00 AM Got off NICE road and on to Tumkur Road.
07:330 AM Stopped at the Kamath just before Tumkur.
08:22 AM Started back on journey after a sumptuous breakfast. I have always missed Kamat chains of hotels once you are out of Karnataka. None of the other states really have similar eateries on the highways. The worst part is that even Cafe Coffee Day becomes sparse outside of Karnataka.
10:30 AM Bypassed Davangere
10:55 AM Stopped at the Kamat just after Harihar for a quick tea.

11:50 AM Bypassed Haveri
12:40 PM Crossed Hubli bypass.
Hubli to Dharwad the road is just two lanes. The speeds go down because there is heavy truck traffic and it is very hard to overtake anything.
2:00 PM Got into Belgaum town for quick Lunch. When travelling with family, I think Sankam Residency is a decent option for lunch. It is just off the highway and getting into and getting out is very easy. Here is my review of the restaurant within the hotel from an earlier trip.
3:20 PM Left Belgaum after lunch towards Pune.
3:54 PM Crossed Hattargi
4:05 PM Crossed Sankeshwar
4:20 PM Crossed Nipani
4:43 PM Crossed Kagal
5:05 PM Crossed Kolhapur
5:57 PM Crossed Karad
7:12 PM Crossed Khed
7:51 PM Crossed Khandala
Since we were coming from Bangalore and had planning on going to Mumbai, we had booked Hotel Holiday Inn for the night stay. It is very nicely located for people coming in from Bangalore and continuing their onward journey to Mumbai. Here is my review of the hotel from an earlier trip.
9:10 PM Reached hotel.