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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Trip to Andamans - Dussera 2015

Dussera Vacations 2015
There comes a time when you start feeling that you need to go somewhere. The daily work schedule starts taking its toll on you. As schools closed for Dussera, we decided do go somewhere with a beach. It was a toss up between Goa and Andamans. The thing going in favor of Goa was that I could drive there, but Goa beaches don't even hold a candle to Andamans beaches. So the decision was in favor of Andamans and that meant that driving was out of the window.
Depending on the days of vacation, we decided to drop the Cellular Jain from the itinerary because we had been there in our earlier Trip. If you are going there for the first time, it is a must visit place. Here are some photos from my earlier trip to Cellular Jail.

Displays depicting prisoners

Displays depicting prisoners

Displays depicting prisoners

Model of Cellular Jail


Savarkar Cell

Main Gate

Port Blair also has a very interesting aquarium. If one is going there for the first time, it is a must visit place.
If one is interested in beaches in Port Blair, then Corbyn Cove seems to be the popular destination.  In my last trip, I visited the beach but it is nothing compared to other beaches in other islands in Andamans.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Andamans 2015, Day 4, Wandoor, Jolly Buoy, Red Skin

This was our last day in Port Blair before we move on to Havelock. We had planned on visiting Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park in Wandoor.
MGMNP is located in Bay of Bengal covering approximately 281.5 sq km area. It is about 30 kms from Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Wandoor is the main entry point into the park which is situated on the park's north western tip.
The lush green mangrove forest alongside the dense tropical rain forests and the enchanting diverse coral reefs with sea grass meadows are a visual treat. The national park harbors the richest coral reefs and associated marine line in the country.
Some important animal species found in the park are
  • Estuarine crocodile
  • Leatherback sea turtle
  • Green turtle
  • Olive ridley turtle
  • Hawksbill turtle
  • Sea cow or Dugong
  • Manta Ray
  • Common Dolphin
  • White bellied sea eagle
Most of the Islands that form  MGMNP are completely protected areas and tourists are allowed only in two islands i.e. Red Skin and Jolly Buoy. These two islands are rotated on six monthly basis. At the time we were there, the island where we were allowed was Red Skin.