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Friday, 10 May 2013

Travelog: Seven Jyotirlings and other stuff, 14 days Part 11/14

Early morning, after breakfast, we left the hotel enroute to Ujjain which was our destination at the end of the day, This was a whole day driving day with nothing else to do.
9:20am We left the hotel. The route planned was first to Dhule and then take A B Road towards Indore. The default route shown by Google Maps goes through Godhra and Dahod but we were not sure of road conditions there, so we went via Dhule.

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Since we got out of hotel little late, we encountered serious traffic Jams. Most seem to be created by innovative drivers who were driving all over the place, but we were stuck for almost half and hour before we moved.
10:18am Encountered a railway crossing but again the same situation, both sides of railway crossing, vehicles occupied every inch of road and even after the gates opened, nobody moved. Finally traffic police showed up and we moved.
12:07pm Railway crossing near Chinchpada, a total mess. Everybody blocks the road on both sides. First we wait for 15 minutes to cross the railway crossing and then we sit in traffic for another 10 minutes because gate closes again and oncoming traffic has occupied the road.
3:30pm We reach Dhule. As you are entering Dhule, there is a nice Hotel called Krishna. We stopped here for Lunch.
4:30pm Crossed Shirpur Byepass.
5:00pm Crossed Sendhwa
5:15pm As I was driving along, I decided to go around a stone but was not successful and the stone hit the tyre. If you look carefully, just before the truck cross the car, there is white stone very close to the curb on right side. We did not notice anything in the car excep a thud noise.
Cracked Tyre
5:25pm The car sensors gave Low Air Pressure warning. We stopped to see if it was a puncture or something else. On closer inspection, we realised that side wall was ruptured and come off the rim. This was a serious problem, but since these were Run-On-Flat tyres, we decided to drive slowly, within the prescribed speed limit i.e. 80 kph.
6:00pm While we were driving, we called BMW and asked them if there is a way I can get tyre replacement. They offered to get the car towed if there was a problem but they could not get replacement tyre that day since it was already closing time. We confirmed that tyres were available in Indore and decided to worry about it the next day.
6:10pm We crossed Dhamnod.
7:30pm We were in Pithampur.
8:30pm We crossed Indore city. We deliberated whether to stay in Indore city at some hotel or continue to Ujjain. Since the type looked in decent condition even now, we decided to continue to and come back the next day for repairs.
9:30pm Reached Ujjain.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Travelog: Seven Jyotirlings and other stuff, 14 days Part 10/14

7:50am We left early morning back. The destination of the day was Surat. We started back towards Jamnagar on GSH947 or GSH41.
8:30am Crossed Nandana
9:20am Crossed Jam Khambaliya
9:50am We stopped in a Highway hotel called Hotel Panthi for small break for tea.

10:30am Crossed Jamnagar. We just continued driving. Roads in this area are fantastic. The road surface quality is the best that I saw in whole of Gujarat.
11:20AM We crossed the Rajkot town.
12:50pm We reached at Limbdi, we stopped here for lunch. Hotel Honest, seemed like a decent restaurant.

As we were sitting here for lunch, my Android phone's Google Now service informed me that I am very close to a place called Lothal which is a Indus Valley Civilisation site. We decided to make an impromptu visit to this place. That required making a small detour to our originally planned route.
1:42pm As we were travelling on NH8A, we turned right on to SH 1 which would eventually take us to Lothal.
1:51pm We turned extreme left to take the road that goes to Lothal. It is a small and narrow road and there are sufficient signages to indicate its direction.

There is a museum where the artefacts from the excavation are kept and the actual excavation site is also adjacent to it. There is a Rs. 5 ticket to visit the museum, the site entry is free. The place was empty. The museum was really interesting.

2:55pm Finished with Lothal and then decided to continue our journey. We got out of the place with the help of Google Navigation. At 3:15pm we joined Bagodara Vataman Road or GSH 8.
4:51pm We got into Anand City. The city is in mess and completely dug up. There seems to be a big flyover being constructed on the road that we were taking so we ended up taking quite a few diversions. Eventually we were out of the city and towards NE1.
5:00pm Got into NE1. As soon as we got into NE1, the segment near Anand is under some maintenance so both direction traffic was diverted into one side roads and the traffic was extremely slow.
5:55pm Crossed Vadodara.
6:50pm Crossed Bharuch
7:50pm Crossed Kamrej. City was jammed packed with traffic.
9:30pm Drove across the city and checked into Hotel Gateway at Athwalines. Here is my review of the Hotel on Tripadvisor.
Here is the map of the route that we took.

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