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Monday, 29 May 2017

Day 4 -- Kanha National Park

The day was reserved for safaris at Kanha National Park. We had one confirmed booking for safari and the resort had indicated that they would try to get us another safari in the evening. So our fingers were crossed.
05:50 AM We were at the gate in the queue of cars to enter the park.

The morning safari was uneventful. We came back hoping for another chance for evening safari. Finally, the resort guys came through and we were ready for evening safari.

That was the end to both the safaris in Kanha. Even though the jungle was interesting, it was very quite and at the end of both the safaris, we had seen gaur, some monkies, deer.

Day 3 -- Pench National Park to Kanha National Park

The plan was to attend the morning safari in Pench National Park and then move on to Kanha. We entered the Jungle at 6:00 AM and were back by 10:35 AM. Here are some pictures from the Safari.

We were back to resort by 10:45 AM, got ready, had lunch and we were ready to leave for Kanha by 2:15 PM.
2:15 PM We left Pench for Kanha.
We reached Kanha at 06:00 PM. We stayed at The Baagh. Here is my review of the place. We had a sumptuous meal and retired for the day.