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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Noida to Bhopal

It was the day to start unwinding the journey. The first stop while travelling back was Bhopal.
7:30 AM Started from Noida.
9:00 AM Stopped at Costa Coffee in the rest area on YEW.
1:00 PM Stopped at Barista Gwalior for lunch.
Normally I travel through Dabra, Datia, Jhansi, Malthone, Bina. Google suggested to go via Guna Shivpuri. So we decided to take that route.
5:00 PM Stopped at Shanti Dhaba & Restaurant on NH-46. The place was alright but the toilets etc were not kept clean.
8:40 PM Reached home in Bhopal.

Friday, 8 December 2017

The Resurrection

Our car broke down while returning from Pangong Tso. It was an extremely frustrating experience when the machine gives up on you even though you have taken good care of it.
BMW Road Side Assistance asked to leave the car and leave the key with somebody from whom they can take it. We did that. The car was finally picked up on 27-September-2017 at 5:40 PM and dropped off at the service station in Chandigarh on 29-September-2017 around 9PM.
The initial diagnostics suggested multiple unrelated parts failed at the same time. It was puzzling but true.
Finally after a month, I landed up in Chandigarh to pick the car. It was fixed and ready to go.,
12:20 PM Got the delivery of vehicle after repairs and straightaway started back to Bangalore. The plan was to drive as long as possible and take a break for the night.
3:20 PM Stopped at Haldirams for a late lunch. Continued onwards after a half an hour break.
5:45 PM Entered Yamuna Expressway.

6:56 Arrived at the rest stop midway on Yamuna Expressway. Had a coffee break for around 45 minutes and then continued towards Agra.
Hotel Mansingh Lobby
8:48 PM Reached Hotel Mansingh in Agra. Decided to stop here for the night. Here is my review of the place.

5:10 AM Started from the hotel. 
Cattle on highways in North India has become an extremely dangerous issue. See the above video. One has to very careful in driving.
7:10 AM Crossed Gwalior
8:15 AM Crossed Datia
9:05 AM Crossed Jhansi
10:20 AM Crossed Lalitpur
11:20 AM Stopped at Hotel Deepali in Sagar for a Breakfast.
3:35 PM Stopped at MPTDC Motel at Rookhad. It is a nice place for a small break and food.

6:36 PM Reached Le Meridien in Nagpur which was the pitstop for the night.

4:50 AM Left the hotel. As the luck would have it, was stuck at Hinghanghat Railway crossing for 10 minutes.
8:28 AM Stopped at Singh is King Dhaba just before Nirmal. Unfortunately, the food was disappointing this time around.
12:20 PM Stopped at Cafe Coffee Day near Mahboobnagar.
3:25 PM Stopped at Bluemoon Foodcourt near Anantpur
6:30 PM Crossed Hebbal Flyover and got on to Outer Ring Road.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Day 3 -- Bhopal to Noida

6:00 AM I started towards Delhi from Bhopal.
7:00 AM Crossed Sanchi.
7:15 AM Crossed Vidisha
8:10 AM Crossed Kurwai
8:25 AM Crossed Bina
8:55 AM Crossed Malthone, joined NH-44.
9:11 AM Stopped at Sri Radha Kunj Dhaba, It has kind of become my favorite for breakfast. It is at a sufficient distance from Bhopal for a breakfast.

10:30 AM Crossed Babina
10:45 AM Crossed Jhansi and turned towards Delhi on NH-44. The bad road starts from here and lasts till Gwalior.
11:15 AM Crossed Datia
11:45 AM Crossed Dabra
12:30 PM Byepassed Gwalior
1:15 PM Crossed Morena

1:30 PM Crossed Dholpur. I was stopped here by a police checkpoint, they were looking for currency notes in the light of demonetization. They were disappointed when they didn't find any and they let me go.

2:30 PM Reached outskirts of Agra. I always saw an under construction road that goes towards left with a signage showing Delhi. It was always closed, this time it was open, so I took it believing it to be a byepass for Agra. It is a byepass alright but it lands you straight in Mathura town and you have to get on to YEW from there. I am not sure if it is a good idea.

3:45 PM Got on to YEW after couple of detours. If one does not get lost, I think one can get on to YEW 15 minutes earlier.
5:40 PM Exited YEW.
6:15 PM Reached destination.